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How to Change a Flat Tire in 5 Simple Steps?

 Flat Tire in Concord

Changing a flat tire can be accomplished by following these five simple steps:

1- Make sure you can do it safely. Take into account distance from passing traffic, how level and solid is the ground, wear a safety vest, set up a warning triangle, etc. Lay out all you will need next to the wheel which needs changing (essentials are – jack, wrench, spare tire, optional –  rag, work gloves).

2- Place the jack in its designated place, in any case, the jack must be positioned under a spot capable of supporting the weight soon to be placed on it.
Before beginning to lift the car using the wrench to open each of the wheels nuts a halt a turn (anticlockwise).

3- Lift up the car until the flat tire is some 4 inches clear of the ground. Undo the nuts, remove the tire and replace it with the spare.

4- Redo the nuts and lower the car. Tighten the nuts one after the other several times (you may want to step on the wrench for the final locking into place of each nut).

5- Pack up all you have used, and return each item to where it belongs for future use. Do not forget to have the flat tire fixed and put back in place leaving your spare tire free and ready to serve again.